Beta Beta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. (ΑΦΑ)

Brother’s Keeper

The Brothers of Beta Beta Lambda met with Bro. Clifford Roberson for Brother’s Keeper and it was a very emotional scene to say the least. Brothers who attended were Pierre Rutledge, Maurice Hurry, David Young, Ira Fluitt and Lewis Leveille. Bro. Roberson, after the death of his wife, hasn’t been seen by anyone in over five years which prompted our president to put out an “APB” on him. Once we were able to locate him, we learned that he had been living with his daughter. Unfortunately his health is in decline, however you wouldn’t be able to tell once you get on the topic of our fraternity. During our visit Bro. Roberson expressed how proud he was that our General President, Bro. Mark Tillman, was initiated by the same chapter as he. He also inquired on the recent activities of NPHC (while active NPHC was his pet project) as well as membership. He truly was filled with the spirit of fraternity that Saturday afternoon.

As our visit came to an end our meeting became very emotional when Bro. Roberson began to hold back tears. As we all rose to our feet and walked towards the driveway, Bro Roberson stood to his feet and began to sing the fraternity hymn. We all gazed at each other and quickly realized what was happening. We stood in our ceremonial circle and sang the fraternity hymn along with him. As we headed out the door, the brothers who attended was all reminded that visits such as these are what fraternity is truly about.